About UTH

We are the improbable protagonists, unlikely heroes, and underdogs fighting for new possibilities

How UTH Got Started

UTH was an idea sparked by our founders, Molly and Jaz, when they were working together with a shelter in Southern Colorado. In the early days of UTH, it was just the two of them, fostering dogs and transporting animals all over the state. They noticed that a large percentage of animals surrendered to shelters were for reasons that seemed solvable before the animals’ arrival.

Many animals were surrendered for financial reasons, lack of training or behavior support, not having help when life is unexpectedly interrupted with crises such as extended hospital visits due to illness or sickness, family emergencies, and work and home challenges. The list goes on…

They noticed an opportunity to fill a void in our community.

Although our community is generally affluent and we have many community-focused organizations honed in animal welfare, there is still a massive absence of resources for Colorado families and their pets. 

Here at UTH, we have a special affinity for those pets who are struggling in the shelter and recognize that shelters with limited resources often have very few options for those individuals.  It’s often common that shelters/rescues make people needing to rehome their animals feel judged for doing so, but we recognize that there are many understandable reasons why you may need to rehome an animal.

Until They’re Home exists to fill this gap and provide a bridge of hope for shelters, families, and our community in uncertain times.

UTH has built services to help provide families with more options during stressful times so that they aren't forced to surrender their beloved pet to the local shelter.

Additionally, very few of the hundreds of animal rescues in Colorado actually take animals from their local open-admission shelter, so we passionately support local organizations that share our same vision and values.

Unapologetically UTH

At UTH, we're a pack of pet enthusiasts on a mission to uplift our community with a pawsitive (😁) attitude & approach. We tackle challenging situations with a dash of humor, mountains of compassion, and the conviction that every pet deserves the best situation possible.


Your Judgment-Free Rescue

We get it. Life happens! Rehoming your loving pet is never an easy decision, but we've got your back. Our team understands that every situation is unique, and we're here to provide unconditional love and resources to make the best informed decision possible. 

We find that people often worry about the perception of others when rehoming an animal. We encourage individuals and families to think about their animal’s well-being first and foremost. We support your decision and offer advice to help you focus on what truly matters – your pet's happiness and health. If finding them a new home is the best choice, we'll be right by your side, helping you find their perfect forever family.

We will help you determine the best solution for you and your pet without any judgmental BS (Barks and Snarls).

Our mission

We are redefining pet rescue through education, training, and solutions to fix a fixable problem.

Our first priority at UTH is to offer solutions before an animal is surrendered to the shelter. We also assist local shelters by transferring in pets struggling in that stressful environment into our foster network. 

We are dedicated to solving the homeless pet population in Colorado before focusing our energy on other parts of the country. Why? We focus our mission on Colorado homeless animals and families in need until Colorado shelters no longer have to euthanize for space.

How do we do this?

  1. By supporting families in our communities during challenging times that would otherwise force a pet owner to surrender their pet(s) to the shelter or a potentially unfavorable living situation. Check out our public services


  2. By assisting local animal shelters in finding foster & adoptive placement for animals struggling in the shelter environment. Check out our shelter services


The UTH Team


Executive Director, Head Beast Master

Co-Founder, Executive Director, Head Beast Master, and VP of Miscellaneous Stuff 


Assistant Beast Master

Assistant Beastmaster

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