Volunteers & Careers

Join Us On Our Mission

We're seeking animal-loving volunteers passionate about reducing Colorado's homeless pet population. 

Until They’re Home® is a 501(3)(c) non-profit dedicated to keeping pets out of shelters and in loving homes, we rely heavily on the support of volunteers like you.

We have various volunteer opportunities, including working directly with pets and shelters, helping with community events, and business operations and administrative functions. As a volunteer, you'll make a real difference in the lives of local families, their pets, and our community. 

You'll join a team of like-minded people who share your love for animals and desire to impact our community positively.

Looking to make a real difference in the lives of homeless pets and families in need of a companion?


You're barking up the right tree!

Attention College Students (CSU, CU, NCU) and Young Adults

We know that college-age students often seek opportunities to gain real-life experience, build their resumes, and give back to their communities. That's why we offer a variety of benefits for younger volunteers interested in gaining experience and potentially earning college credits for their volunteer time.

Some of the benefits we offer include:

  • Training and education opportunities to gain valuable skills and knowledge in the animal welfare field
  • Opportunities to work directly with animals and learn about their care and behavior
  • Opportunities to work alongside experienced professionals and learn from their expertise
  • Help at our many events providing coordination, organization, and operational support.
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate school and other commitments
  • Letters of recommendation and additional support for college and job applications

We love Colorado! We are committed to helping students and young adults gain valuable experience and positively impact their community.


Why volunteering is important for our community

Volunteering is essential for a community. It allows individuals to impact the world around them positively.

By volunteering with a non-profit like ours, you're helping to reduce the homeless pet population in your community. You're supporting families in need and helping keep pets out of shelters and in loving homes.

Volunteering helps to build strong communities. When we volunteer, we work alongside like-minded people who share our values and passions. We're building connections and relationships that last a lifetime.

By volunteering with Until They're Home, you'll have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the animal welfare field. You'll build skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving that will benefit you in all areas of your life.


Benefits of volunteering with our non-profit

Simply put, we’re (P)awesomer (It's a word!) than everyone else. For sure more fun and dedicated. We love what we do. So, if that is not enough to get you to sign up here are other benefits to volunteering with Until They’re Home.

  • Make a positive impact in your community. 
  • Build your network and build relationships with like-minded animal-crazy people 
  • Work amazing events at local businesses (like lots of brewery time…Colorado truly loves three things Being outdoors, beer, and dogs)
  • Help reduce the homeless pet population in Colorado
  • Gain experience and build a resume that no one will read, but it certainly gives you something to discuss when you get that daunting first interview. 
  • Improve your communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. 
  • Letters of recommendation if you do a good job! Otherwise will give you a letter of helpful tips on how to be better at your job.

Volunteering with our non-profit will make a real difference in the lives of local families and their pets. You'll be joining a team of dedicated individuals who share your passion for animal welfare. Apply to volunteer today and start making a difference in your community.