Keep Them Home™

Keep Them Home™ provides options for keeping your animal in a safe and loving home and out of the shelter

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We know that life comes with many challenges and that owning a dog can be demanding. We also know that you love that goofball more than you possibly imagined. Which is why we created our Keep Them Home™ program to offer you and your family solutions to any number of issues you may be experiencing. 

We created KTM™ to offer the highest quality education, care, and support for you and your pet, no matter what challenges life throws your way.

UTH Keep Them Home™ Services

Temporary Fostering: A Safe Haven for Your Pet

It's normal to face a temporary setback or hit an unexpected interruption in your life. Many families have difficulty finding care or caring for their pets when these life events happen. Our temporary fostering service has got you covered. We'll find a secure and loving foster home for your pet until you're ready to be reunited.

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Home-To-Home™: The Perfect Match

Sometimes, the best solution is finding your beloved pet a new forever home. We understand how heartbreaking this decision can be. We offer counseling and support to ensure you have all the information you need to make the best decision for all involved.

Our rehoming service involves an adopter screening process that will ultimately help place your pet in a home that is the best fit for their needs.

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Sliding Scale Behavior Support

We offer low-cost behavior and training support on a sliding scale to families experiencing a challenging behavior with their dog that may threaten their ability to keep their animal in their home.

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This program offers you the option of consulting and working with one of our awesome certified trainers. We use positive reinforcement-based training methods and endless compassion for whatever frustrating challenge you may be currently experiencing. 

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