Why Donate To UTH?

Until They're Home is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to keeping dogs out of overcrowded shelters and providing them with the love and care they deserve.

With your help, it’s our goal to bring support to the most common preventable problems. These preventable problems consist of the following; 

  1. Short-term financial hardship support for families with pets (Keep Them Home™).
  2. A family with a medical emergency requiring longer-term (1-3 months) care for a loving animal. (Keep Them Home™).
  3. The financial burden of pet ownership is too overwhelming, and the family is looking to rehome their loving per.  (Home-to-Home™).
  4. Family lifestyle changes or their pet exhibits intolerable behavior (Sliding Scale Behavioral Consulting and Underdog Resources).
  5. Resources and shelter training for volunteers to reduce animals being adopted by a family unfit for the animal's needs or behavior. Too often, we see animals returned to shelters for this very reason. 
  6. Resources to reduce the shelter pet population by working with our foster families to care for the animal while searching for a permanent loving home 

We offer services that help families in financial hardship, those dealing with health complications, and those with dogs that don't fit their family dynamic. 

When you support Until They're Home™, you are contributing to saving animal's life, and you are also helping local families in need and reducing the burden otherwise placed on shelters. 

Your donation goes towards helping us spread awareness about Until They're Home™, training & rehabilitation for dogs, delivering resources & educating shelter volunteers, and most importantly, supporting & caring for our community. 

Be a hero to a furry friend!